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53rd anniversary Independence of DRCongo

Congolese Men and Women Religious,  members of General Councils and those working at general houses in  Rome INVITATION Congolese Men and Women religious, members of General Councils and those working at general houses in Rome cordially invite you to enhance, by your presence, the prayer service that they are organizing on the 53rd anniversary of …

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DRC’s prime minister: ‘Peace within reach’


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SOS OF THE GOVERNOR OF NORTH KIVU TO THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY’S ATTENTION Copied to the States, Institutions, Agencies and International Organisations:   Dear brothers and sisters, Citizens of the World, Leaders, Rulers, Heads of Governments, Institutions and International Missions, Bosses of companies, Businessmen, Researchers, Men of culture, Film-makers, Journalists, Lawyers, Doctors… To you all, men and women who give one minute of your time to listen to us, Since …

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OPEN LETTER: To start the process of peace in the D.R.Congo, we need to sanction Rwanda

Dear friends, The war in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo is not finishing. For seven months now, the population on the North Kivu is once again on the run, caught up on extreme poverty and each day faces with death. Without ignoring the responsibility of the Congolese ruling class and some local …

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Here below, you can find the letter to pres. Kagame, wrote by 11 american members of Congress of USA.   “We are writing as a bipartisan group of legislators to express our deep concern about the recent and growing conflict in eastern Congo…”   Congress letter to Kagame

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Help End the Conflict in the Congo

SIGN THE PETITION!   The Democratic Republic of the Congo, located in the heart of Africa and vital to the future of the African continent, has experienced the deadliest conflict in the world since World War Two. An estimated six million lives have been lost since 1996 when U.S. allies Rwanda and Uganda first invaded …

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Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth

This video explores the role that the United States allies, Rwanda and Uganda, have played in triggering the greatest humanitarian crisis at the dawn of the 21st century. By Congofriends   

Call for International mobilization to free Ms. Ingabire Umuhoza and all other political prisoners in Rwanda

SIGN THE CALL! On Monday 16 April 2012, Ms. Ingabire Umuhoza, leader of UDF-Inkingi, held in Kigali (Rwanda) since October 2010, decided to withdraw, with immediate effect, from the kangaroo trial opened for more than six months before the High Court of Kigali. This decision followed the refusal by the prosecution and the court to …

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DR Congo: Arms supplies fuelling unlawful killings and rape

Amnesty International rapport – 12 june 2012 Political leaders must act immediately and halt arms supplies to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where they continue to fuel unlawful killings, rape, looting and abductions, Amnesty International said in a new report published today.   The report, ‘If you resist, we’ll shoot you’, highlights how Congolese …

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